Aalto Speakers

In Aalto speakers, elegant and timeless design is combined with a unique acoustic principle that offers excellent sound quality compared to traditional solutions.

The technology that has brought numerous test wins and praising reviews throughout the global Hi-Fi press has been harnessed.

The result is the most innovative speaker lineup of our time - Aalto.

aalto 1 kaiuttimet valmistumassa
Antti Louhivaaran suunnittelemat kaiuttimet voittavat palkinnon
Designer's Vision

“Kun lähdin suunnittelemaan Aalto-kaiuttimia, en halunnut tyytyä keskinkertaisiin ratkaisuihin miltään osin.

The goal from the outset was to create a speaker range that stands out from conventional designs, also in terms of sound quality. 

The starting point is to understand the most typical conditions in which speakers are listened to. 

Based on this, the key principles for acoustic design are defined. 

I considered the most important criterion for a speaker to be its suitability for the most typical listening environment, which is the living room. 


In the living room, there are restrictions on sound reproduction that significantly affect the listening experience. 

The reverberation time is often quite long due to the hardness of wall and floor materials. 

In addition, standing waves and flutter echoes in the listening room significantly degrade sound quality. 

In order for a speaker to perform best in such conditions, the basic elements of the design must be a flat frequency response and appropriately sized directivity. 

When the speaker is capable of creating a uniform sound field and directing it properly towards the listener, the negative impact on sound quality caused by the room is significantly reduced. 


The key to the sound of the Aalto speakers is perfect clarity. 

The sound contains everything that should be there but nothing extra. 

I can assure you that the ethereal, pure, and musical sound of these speakers will captivate their listeners.


Antti Louhivaara


The approach to designing Aalto speakers is fundamentally different from traditional design techniques. Typically, speakers are designed by selecting speaker elements whose characteristics match the manufacturer's idea of the correct sound and can fit within the price range of the design. Then, the elements are adjusted to fit together through the use of crossover filters.

For us, the operation of the speaker is based purely on wave physics. Our design starts from the premise that the radiators formed by the speaker elements must be proportionate to the wavelengths they produce. In this way, the best possible match between the element systems and even radiation in different directions is achieved. We call this principle wavelength thinking.

The elements and components we use are of course top-of-the-line, but they are primarily designed to work according to the acoustic concept we have developed. We always emphasize the importance of overall acoustic design for the final result.

Even the most exotic components cannot replace inadequate acoustic design.

Careful acoustic tuning

In the acoustic design of speakers, the laws of physics are utilized so that the elements are matched to operate acoustically in their most natural frequency range. This way, they don't need to be electrically "forced" to reproduce frequencies that are not suitable for them. In this way, the amount of electrical correction needed remains minimal, and the sound remains as pure as possible.

Acoustic matching is done with the help of a waveguide attached to the tweeter element. The waveguide matches the tweeter element to work as uniformly as possible with the bass element at the crossover frequency. This way, the transition from bass to tweeter occurs seamlessly, the phase response remains linear, and the directional pattern is controlled.

Aalto 1:n materiaalina käytetään luonnonkuitukomposiittia, joka on polystyreenimuovin ja puukuidun yhdistelmä. Tuloksena on elävä, luonnollisen näköinen ulkonäkö ja jäykempi rakenne tavanomaisiin muoveihin verrattuna. Lisäksi materiaali on kierrätettävää.

Overall, the operating model based on wavelength thinking used in Aalto speakers enables better sound quality than traditional speaker design techniques, using similarly priced components.

The acoustic principle of Aalto speakers is simply more advanced than the design techniques used in traditional speakers.

aalto 1 enclosure
aalto 1 bass

Aalto speakers feature a new type of bass driver that has been specifically designed to address the interaction between the amplifier and the driver. 

The amplifier must constantly be able to control the driver's movement for the playback to be as controlled as possible. 

The better the driver follows the amplifier's "commands," the better the playback will remain intact even during the most powerful bass impacts. 

The bass driver we use has an exceptional ability to follow the amplifier's signal, which is why the bass reproduction quality of our speaker is among the best in its class.

Even energy distribution

The operating principle of the Aalto speaker is such that its energy distribution is very uniform compared to traditional solutions. 

In practice, its sound changes very controlled when moving off the listening axis.

In addition, the speaker directs the sound more towards the listener than usual. This reduces the amount of sound reflected from walls and floor compared to traditional speakers. 

Thanks to these factors, the speaker performs very well in difficult listening conditions. Even in echoey rooms, the sound of the speaker remains controlled and listenable, whereas the sound of traditional speakers begins to blur.

natural soundstage

The Aalto speakers stand out from their competitors mainly in terms of their soundstage. The "sound window" created by these speakers is much more present and three-dimensional than in traditional speakers. 

The soundstage is closer to that of panel speakers than traditional dynamic speakers.

The first thought that comes to mind when hearing the Aalto speakers is the perfect purity of the sound. 

The sound contains everything that should be there but nothing extra. 

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