AALTO 1pro

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The AALTO 1pro is entirely based on the latest digital technology.

The powerful 50+50W D-class amplifier ensures dynamics that are sufficient even for larger spaces.

The D-class amplifier also has significantly lower power consumption than traditional solutions, making the AALTO 1pro an environmentally friendly speaker.

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The speaker enclosure is made of Finnish, eco-friendly, and recyclable UPM Formi biocomposite material.

In addition to the RCA connection, AALTO 1pro also includes a balanced Phoenix connector, which enables installation in various mounting locations.

Thanks to comprehensive sound color adjustments, the speaker can be installed in acoustically challenging places such as the ceiling, corner, or wall without compromising sound quality.


The design of the AALTO 1pro enclosure takes into account a unique, clear Scandinavian design language, as well as the constraints imposed by the laws of acoustics.

The double curved surfaces of the enclosure ensure natural shape rigidity, and the forward tapering shape minimizes standing waves inside the enclosure.


The technical implementation follows the well-known formula of all AALTO speakers - the bass driver of AALTO 1 produces deep, powerful and incredibly low-reaching bass, while the WLR1 tweeter unit delivers bright high frequencies and a clean midrange that seamlessly integrates with the bass.

AALTO 1's reproduction is powerful, dynamic, and consistent. The sound image is in a class of its own for a speaker of its size.


UPM Formi - natural fiber composite

Operating Principle

2-way, bass reflex


1" titanium, WLR1 wave guide


4" ALD

Frequency Response

54 – 20 000 Hz


50 W + 50 W, Class D


Balanced Phoenix, RCA in, RCA out

Treble Level Adjustment

+2 … -2 dB

Bass Level Adjustment

+ 4 … – 4 dB, under 200Hz

Level Adjustment

+ 12 … – 12 dB

Automatic Power Off


Standby Power Consumption

< 0.5 W

Wall Mounting

1/4" thread

Dimensions H x D X W

242 x 208 x 132 mm


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