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Speaker Design

Why choose Aalto?

We decided to challenge the leading brands in the market with Aalto. As the developers of the speakers, the strongest professionals in the industry are driven by the purest sound. 

The approach to designing Aalto speakers is fundamentally different from traditional design techniques. Typically, speakers are designed by selecting speaker elements whose characteristics match the manufacturer's idea of the correct sound and can fit within the price range of the design. Then, the elements are adjusted to fit together through the use of crossover filters.For us, the operation of the speaker is based purely on wave physics. Our design starts from the premise that the radiators formed by the speaker elements must be proportionate to the wavelengths they produce. In this way, the best possible match between the element systems and even radiation in different directions is achieved. We call this principle wavelength thinking.

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Our Story

We founded the company because things were not done well enough.

Aalto Technosystems Oy was founded in November 2020. The story was very typical: a group of industry players were dissatisfied with the fact that things were not done well enough. The development of speakers has been stagnant for a long time. Often, long-term planning is missing from the business of companies in the industry. Something needed to be done about this.

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